Banque Eric Sturdza is dedicated to serving the needs of private clients. Each client has different long-term goals requiring specific investment solutions. We deliver this through the three pillars of our investment philosophy.

  1. Growth

    Entrepreneurialism coupled with a focus on delivering excellence spurs innovation and delivers growth. We concentrate on harnessing this growth for our clients through selectively investing in opportunities that access this potential across various asset classes, financial instruments, and regions.

  2. Long-term Vision

    We look to the future and draw on the experiences of the past, in order to navigate through the wide spectrum of investment opportunities. At all times, we concentrate on the long-term objective to deliver growth to our clients. We seek to minimise the impact of short-term market turbulence, avoid speculation and provide our clients with the security of achieving their long-term objectives.

  3. Diversification

    Constructing a well-diversified portfolio across asset classes can reduce risk and enhance long-term returns. Depending on the phase of the economic cycle, different asset classes can deliver different returns. Our approach to asset diversification enables portfolios to remain invested for longer, with fewer short-term adjustments; a key ingredient for success over investment cycles.

Banque Eric Sturdza Geneva Open co-sponsor in 2015 and sponsor title from 2016 to 2019.
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Investment Services

We start all new banking relationships with a detailed understanding of our clients goals, plans and risk tolerance, and then translate these into bespoke investment strategies. One of the distinguishing characteristics of our Bank is our ability to deliver on strategies that match clients’ expectations over time.

for Performance

Banque Eric Sturdza, above all, owes its success to a combination of two factors: recognising and attracting exceptional people. It is a magnet for attracting people with recognised abilities and offers an appropriate environment for them to flourish. Our flat management by association structure is one of the key elements of the Bank, encouraging personal initiatives and promoting collaboration.

Investment Funds

Banque Eric Sturdza uses a wide choice of investment funds. This allows the Bank to maintain independence at all times in our investment choices, while giving our clients access to top performing funds.