A very personal bank
specialized in private banking

At Banque Eric Sturdza, we create bespoke investment strategies that faithfully reflect a client’s risk profile and long-term plans, buffering against short-term changes in financial markets and investment conditions. We draw from a large pool of talented experts to deliver sustainable growth and long-term value for our clients.

Our highly personalised approach to service has several implications on how we operate. We choose to remain small, working with a limited number of clients with whom we share common values. We are devoted to serving private clients almost exclusively, avoiding all forms of investment and retail banking, commercial lending or other financial activities that involve substantial forms of risk.

Many of our clients have been with us since the bank’s foundation in 1985 and have been advised by an established team of senior professionals that have remained dedicated to the bank throughout the years. Banque Eric Sturdza has historically one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry, and it is through this loyalty that we emerge as trusted advisors for our clients. We know from experience that by putting our clients first, our own success will follow.

“As the founder of Banque Eric Sturdza, I am honoured to celebrate the long-term associations that exist with our established clients, and to welcome new clients into our world of trust, understanding and respect.”

Eric I. Sturdza

Swiss-Based with
a Global Reach

Switzerland is a country renowned for its banking heritage. It is the world’s leading private banking centre where investors feel respected, secure and welcomed. Combined with its political neutrality, the country’s exceptional stability makes it an ideal environment for banking and finance.

This environment offers Banque Eric Sturdza a solid foundation from which to serve an exclusive international clientele.

We conduct business in many of the world’s languages. We are uniquely organised to work across a spectrum of markets and currencies, having assembled a network of investment specialists and asset managers among the best in their fields.

This international sensibility and global reach is at the heart of how we do business — and it is anchored in a culture of client service and discretion.